The First Dachshund Meet Up In Coventry!

To all the dog lovers out there…

Located inside the Coventry Transport Museum, our store mascot the cute little Baxter, is looking to make some new friends. During lockdown Baxter has been a bit lonely and to celebrate the end of restrictions (paws crossed) he would like to invite some other Dachshund's to his cafe.

The paw-fect party! Coventry-based café to host get together for dachshunds and their owners

Calling all dachshund owners! Esquires Coffee, in Coventry, is holding a paw-some event for you and your furry friends this August.

Taking place on Sunday 1st August, the coffee shop, which is based inside Coventry Transport Museum, Millennium Place is hosting its first ever dachshund get together.

Complete with a free ‘puppaccino’ (cold cream) for every pooch, the meet-up is being held by owner of the coffee shop and dachshund owner Steven Prime, who admits his dog Baxter, is the reason behind the event.

“This past year, I’ve missed seeing people, I’ve missed socialising and so has Baxter. We get a buzz off people and we’ve both loved welcoming people back into the shop and can’t wait to meet fellow dachshunds and their owners,” said Steven, whose inspiration for the event comes from a similar meeting that he attended in Solihull.

He added: “We went to this pop-up café and there were dogs everywhere, it was adorable. I want to create something similar.

“Baxter has definitely got a bit nervous during lockdown, so hopefully this will act as a party and allow him to make new friends.

“The idea is, the dogs can have a good run around and play, while the humans enjoy a cup of coffee.

“Let’s be honest, this is as much for the owners as it is for the dogs, it’s a great excuse to get everyone out again after lockdown”

Although restrictions are set to be lifted by the event, Steven says that there will still be a limit to the number of visitors in the café at one time, to give the dogs enough room to play.

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